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Benefits of Permanent Makeup

One thing is for sure, everlasting makeup is not going to “magically” wash off. Some women use permanent makeup to correct some skin problems temporarily.

There are also women who use permanent makeup to make their life better. Usually, these are women who have little time to apply makeup every day or who have real reasons for doing so. Permanent makeup has been around for a number of years and is even used by men, but it’s just recently becoming popular with women. Basically, permanent makeup is where a cosmetic artist designs the eyebrows, lip liner or other designs for you and you use them every day. No more retouching, shaving or retouching.

Obviously, permanent makeup is great for a lot of people. It can help to relieve some of the hassle that goes into having to apply makeup every day. It can allow some women to spend more time preparing for their appearances so that they’re sure to look their best every day.

Dangers of Permanent Makeup

There are, however, some dangers of permanent makeup. One of the biggest dangers of using permanent makeup is infection. The piercing of the eyelid is the most common soft tattoo to be infected. It can also be a problem with permanent eyebrows.

The biggest danger of getting permanent makeup is that it can hurt. It’s quite painful and can really be embarrassing to have a job done where someone has their face tattooed on. So, before you get permanent makeup, talk to your doctor or dermatologist about how it was done. Ask if it can be done, how much it cost and if the person who did it was licensed to do the procedure.

Eyebrows are an important part of the face and should be properly shaped. This involves using tweezers and plucking if necessary.Eyebrow hair can be clipped between the brows or covered with another method. Permanent eyebrows are located where the eyebrows should ideally end.

The Structure of Your Face Matters

A makeup artist also has to consider the structure of your face. If you have a round face, they should think about adding width by adding more fullness to the crown of the head. If your face is long, they have to consider how they will do battle with the extremely long hairs on top of the head. The back and forth motion for a traditional eyebrow is not possible, so having some inches of height and a bit of thickness loosening up the eyebrows can be a good idea. Permanent eyebrows don’t have to match your natural eyebrows, but they do need to be in the same color as your hair.

For many people, the permanent makeup artist is the one that chooses to go back and get touch ups. It’s quite welcome for some women to feel beautiful through permanent makeup. However, we recommend that you never do this more than once or twice. You’re going to need to spend the time and the money to get it done again four or five times.

It’s very important that the person who does the permanent makeup has enough experience. If you have never had this procedure done before, we recommend that you schedule a consultation first. Although it doesn’t hurt to shop around for the right artist, you’ll probably want to get a feel for the artist through pictures or a short video.

The back of the hand is usually where many mistakes are made. This is where the sponges should be. Wet the sponges with water or just dampen them with a while. Try to grab the tip of the sponge with your hand. Don’t go too far though or the sponge will get bunched up. If the sponge gets too wrapped up you might land up with an excess color or you’ll have a hard time getting to the places that you need. You’ll want to go through under the eyes and on the bridge of your nose. These spots look worst in dark colors so a flat color such as a dark brown will help blend it in.

Consider the Permanent Makeup Ink

A dark matte brown eye shadow is always a good choice when choosing ink for permanent makeup. It will line the very area that you need to be shaded and it will help blend it in. You can always wet the sponges with water or make some soap for the stains to come out as well.

Before you apply any type of eye shadow to the eyelids, make sure that it’s combed in the color. If not, there will be a bit of color showing around the eyes. This is not usually a problem, but if it is, you can try to soothe the color by rubbing an ice cube over the eyelids. This will tighten up the texture.

Even though can be a bit uncomfortable feeling but removing the makeup that is placed on your eyelids.

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